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Relieving Dental Anxiety

People experience dental anxiety in many ways, so it only makes sense your dentist should offer many solutions. Not only does Dr. Ace Jovanovski offers every available form of dental sedation, but he and his team at Jovan Prosthodontics in Round Rock, TX will also aid in calming patients from the moment they walk in the door.

And if our welcoming staff doesn’t soothe your fears straight away, rest assured your smile is in good hands with top-notch Round Rock, TX dentist Dr. Ace. To take advantage of his expertise, call our office today at 512-716-1200 to schedule your next appointment.

Which Dental Sedation Option Will Relieve My Anxiety?

No matter your level of dental anxiety, Round Rock, TX dentist Dr. Ace Jovanovski and his team at Jovan Prosthodontics will find the right sedation options for you:

  • Nitrous Oxide: more commonly known as “laughing gas,” which makes you feel calm and content when breathed in
  • Oral Sedation: a pill prescribed before your procedure so you can arrive relaxed
  • IV Sedation: a deep form of dental sedation in which you remain conscious but your tensions will melt away as you drift into a dreamlike state
  • General Anesthesia: the deepest form of dental sedation, administered by a licensed professional to make you fully unconscious during significant procedures

What Can Your Staff Do To Help Me Relax?

You didn’t stumble into a spa by mistake. Our team and Dr. Ace Jovanovski will help put you at ease from the moment you enter Jovan Prosthodontics. And if a warm smile isn’t enough, perhaps some of our amenities can do the trick:

  • Soft blankets and neck pillows to keep you comfortable and cozy
  • Televisions so you can watch your favorite shows during your procedure
  • And for those longer procedures: lunch is on us!

We want your visit to be as relaxing as possible, so we try to give you less to worry about.

Trusted Round Rock, TX dentist Dr. Ace Jovanovski and the whole team at Jovan Prosthodontics will help you take charge of your dental anxiety. Call today at 512-716-1200 or use our easy online form to schedule your first stress-free appointment.

Dr. Ace Jovanovski, a Round Rock, TX dentist from Jovan Prosthodontics, is the only dentist the world who’s received a Master Certificate in Dental Technology (MCDT) from the National Board for Certification in Dental Technology.

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