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If you’re looking to turn your smile around, Dr. Ace and the dental professionals at Jovan Prosthodontics are the team to call. Our Round Rock, TX dental office has years of happy patients ready to show off their great new smiles and tell you their stories. Listen to our patient testimonials, then give us a call at 512-937-1398 to learn how we can help you. You can also schedule your consultation by using our online form.

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Patient Reviews

Nee Nee J.

Thank you so much for so pleasantly taking such good care of me and my mouth! You all had me looking forwards to dental appointments; and that is saying a lot!!!

Charlie L.

At 61+ years old, I am eating an apple around the core for the first time in my life!!! Small thing maybe to you, but to me it is monumental!!! Dr. Ace and staff took bone loss of 25 years on the upper and cross bite and over bite on the bottom and made it possible for me to conquer this apple!! ...

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I have a problem of grinding my teeth really bad. I don't know if it necessarily helped with the alignment very much. It might have. I think it was a little bit off. What it has really made me notice is how much I was grinding my teeth and clenching down before. Now, not so much. I'm more cautious ...

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I had very nonexistent dental care as a child. By the time I was 19, I'd probably lost half of my teeth. So, for 40 years I had partials, lower and upper. They removed all the teeth that were still there: took all the old crowns off of them that were there, did implants—upper and lower—and then ...

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