Insecure About A Gummy Smile? We Can Help [VIDEO]

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Insecure About A Gummy Smile? We Can Help [VIDEO]

At Jovan Prosthodontics, we understand that the lips, the teeth, and the face all work together to form a beautiful smile. Some patients feel insecure about their “gummy smile,” which occurs when gum tissue appears to dominate the smile.

Luckily, our Round Rock, TX office is able to help!

“That’s easily correctable by a gum surgery — or I call it ‘gum plastic surgery,’” Dr. Ace said.” In essence, it’s a gum lift, where the gums are repositioned at a higher level and veneers can be added to rejuvenate the teeth.”

Watch this video to learn more about our comfortable treatment for gummy smiles. Then, give us a call at (512) 716-1200 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ace!

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