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Dr. Ace Jovanovski isn’t just any prosthodontist. He is a Round Rock, TX dentist so well-respected in his field, he has lectured at the prestigious American Prosthodontic Society in Chicago. As an expert prosthodontist, Dr. Ace Jovanovski does:

  • Dental implant-retained denture
  • Dental implant-supported denture
  • Traditional full removable denture
  • Partial denture
  • Temporary denture

Our office can even treat you same-day, so you can leave Jovan Prosthodontics with a complete set of load-bearing dental implant-retained. To schedule your full-mouth reconstruction consultation, call our Round Rock, TX dentist today at 512-716-1200.

Dental Implant Dentures

Dental implant dentures come in two types: dental implant-retained and dental implant-supported. What’s the difference?

Implant-retained dentures snap onto your dental implants and rest on your gums. Dental implant-supported types rest on a bar that attaches to your dental implants. No matter which type you choose, you’ll be able to alleviate many of the common complaints patients have about traditional dentures:

  • Loose fit – Dental implants are rooted in your jawbone, so your dentures are securely held in place. There’s less risk that they’ll come loose while you’re talking or enjoying a good meal.
  • Gagging – Traditional denture stay in place using saliva or paste, which allows for more movement than replacement teeth firmly held in place by dental implants.
  • Gum irritation – Your denture will be supported by dental implants, so they’ll rub against your gums less often. In the case of implant-supported, your denture rests on a bar, not your gums.
  • Bone loss – The bone loss that follows tooth loss can change the shape of your jaw and palate. Dental implants help slow this loss and can even stimulate new growth.

Traditional Full And Partial Dentures

Traditional dentures are made to look like your natural teeth and fit over your gums. They’re held in place by the natural moisture in your mouth or special denture paste. You can have an entire arch of teeth replaced by a full denture or just a section of missing teeth replaced by a partial denture by Dr. Ace Jovanovski of Jovan Prosthodontics in Round Rock, TX.

Dentures come with many benefits:

  • Like all replacement teeth options, denture makes it possible for you to eat and enjoy a variety of foods. You’ll no longer be trapped with a diet of soft foods and liquids.
  • When you lose your teeth, your cheeks sink in, and you may notice increased wrinkles around your lips. A denture can return fullness and youthfulness to your face.
  • Tooth loss can affect your appearance and, in turn, your self-confidence. Replacement teeth make it possible to be proud of your smile again.

We also offer temporary dentures if you need replacement teeth between procedures.

Don’t let tooth loss damage your quality of life. For tooth replacement consultation with Dr. Ace Jovanovski, call our Round Rock, TX dentist office at 512-716-1200 or use our easy online form.

Dr. Ace Jovanovski, a Round Rock, TX dentist, is the only dentist the world who’s received a Master Certificate in Dental Technology (MCDT) from the National Board for Certification in Dental Technology.

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