Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Luther on a full-mouth reconstruction

If most or all of your teeth are severely damaged or missing and you’re in need of dramatic restorative dentistry, you can get a full-mouth reconstruction at Jovan Prosthodontics in Round Rock, TX. Call 512-937-1398 today to learn more about how prosthodontist Round Rock, TX dentist Dr. Ace can expertly restore your smile fast thanks to our state-of-the-art in-office lab.

    How Dental Implants Can Help You

    Using dental implants to provide secure anchor points in your jaw, Round Rock, TX dentist Dr. Ace can attach anything from a single tooth restoration to an entire arch of teeth. He can even provide a full arch of new teeth with only four dental implants using the All-on-4 method, completely replacing any severely damaged or missing teeth in your top or bottom jaw.

    Dental implants:

    • Are permanent
    • Provide a more natural feel, look, and function than adhesive-based dentures or other dental restorations that are not implant-supported
    • Will not come loose while eating or speaking

    Full-Mouth Reconstruction With Dentures

    At Jovan Prosthodontics, you have a lot of options when it comes to dentures. In addition to our traditional yet modern removable dentures, your dentures can now be attached directly onto dental implants for a permanent solution.

    There are two types of dental implant dentures:

    • Implant-retained dentures fasten directly to your dental implants using ball attachments and rest on your gums
    • Implant-supported dentures are supported by a bar attached to your dental implants

    Regardless of the type you choose, dental implant dentures will help prevent many common frustrations of traditional dentures, like gum irritation, loose fit, and gagging.

    Teeth In One Day at Jovan Prosthodontics

    Our Teeth In One Day procedure is exactly what it sounds like: we’ll place a permanent dental crown or even new set of teeth attached to implants in one day. That’s right! You’ll show up at our office needing replacement teeth and walk out with a brand-new smile! We can even replace a full smile in just two visits.

    Don’t put up with missing or badly damaged teeth another day. Say no to loose, uncomfortable dentures. Call 512-937-1398 today or fill out our online form to schedule your full-mouth reconstruction with Round Rock, TX dentist Dr. Ace.

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