Regain Confidence And Dental Function With A Full-Mouth Reconstruction [VIDEO]

My Denture Don't Fit in Round Rock, TX Dentist by Dr. Ace Jovanovski of Jovan Prosthodontics

After decades of grinding his teeth, Luther’s’ smile was in such bad shape that he could no longer eat steak.

He trusted Jovan Prosthodontics with a full-mouth reconstruction, in which Dr. Ace placed a dental crown on every one of Luther’s teeth. Luther has regained dental function and, yes, is back to eating all of his favorite foods without worry.

“I’m very proud of them,” Luther said of his teeth. “I regretted I didn’t do it five years earlier.”

Watch this video to learn more about Luther’s experience in our Round Rock, TX office. Then, give us a call at (512) 937-1398 to see how we can help restore your smile!