Placing Dental Implants Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Dental Anxiety 3 in Round Rock, TX by Dr. Ace Jovanovski of Jovan Prosthodontics

You probably already know that dental implants are one of the most comfortable teeth replacement options available.

But what if you’re afraid of the procedure required to place dental implants? And what if that fear is preventing you from realizing all the benefits of this revolutionary teeth replacement solution?

Having dental implants placed doesn’t have to be scary! The key is choosing the right dentist for the job, and deciding to see a specialist can help ensure you’re getting great care.

At Jovan Prosthodontics, we go the extra mile to ensure your comfort during the procedure. We know you’ll love the end results of your dental implants. We want your entire journey toward a healthier smile to be pleasant as well.

Read on for some of the ways our Round Rock, TX office minimizes stress and discomfort during implant placement procedures. Then, give us a call at (512) 937-1398 to schedule a dental implant consultation.


Specialized Care In A High-Tech Setting


When you come to Jovan Prosthodontics, you can feel confident trusting Dr. Ace with your dental implants. He’s had years of training and experience in the field of prosthodontics, which encompasses the restoration and replacement of teeth. After dental school, Dr. Ace was one of three students selected for a highly competitive prosthodontics residency at Louisiana State University.

Dr. Ace is also highly committed to the use of dental technology to make treatment more precise and more comfortable for patients. In fact, he is the only dentist the world who’s received a Master Certificate in Dental Technology (MCDT) from the National Board for Certification in Dental Technology!

Digital scans allow for thorough planning of your dental implant treatment. We then use computer-guided implant placement to ensure accurate and comfortable placement.

We even use state-of-the-art technology when it comes to educating our patients and helping them make the best decisions about their own dental care. Before you commit to dental implants, we can let you preview the results using Trial Smile! When you know what to expect, you’ll feel better about your procedure.


Comfort Amenities For Dental Implant Procedures


We know that just stepping foot in a dentist’s office can be stress-inducing for some folks. Beyond our caring staff and inviting environment, we want to make sure that you are physically comfortable during your implant placement procedure.

That’s why our caring team can provide you with a soft blanket or a cozy neck pillow while you sit in the dental chair. You can even watch your favorite show while we work!

And when you undergo a longer procedure at Jovan Prosthodontics, we’ll provide you lunch. You won’t find that in many other dental offices!


Minimize Discomfort With Dental Sedation  


If you’re still feeling nervous about your dental implant procedure, we can offer several forms of dental sedation to truly minimize stress and discomfort. Sedation dentistry involves the use of medication to affect the way you experience and a dental procedure.

At Jovan Prosthodontics, we’re proud to offer four kinds of dental sedation.

Nitrous oxide, often referred to as “laughing gas,” can help you feel a sense of calm or euphoria when it’s inhaled. It’s administered through a small mask placed over your nose, and it’s incredibly fast-acting. After just a few deep breaths, you’ll begin to feel its effects. The effects also go away almost immediately after we’re finished with your procedure, so you’ll be able to drive home afterward and go about your day.

Oral sedation is a stronger form of sedation than nitrous oxide. When you opt for oral sedation, we’ll prescribe you a pill, which you’ll take a certain amount of time before your procedure. Its effects can vary from person to person, but you will most likely feel relaxed and a bit drowsy when it’s time for your appointment. The effects of oral sedation can last beyond the length of your visit, so if you choose oral sedation, we ask that you have a trusted friend or family member drive you to and from our office.

IV sedation is a deep form of sedation where even though you’ll remain conscious throughout the procedure, you’ll feel as though you’re in a dream. You also probably won’t remember much about your procedure after it’s over. 

General anesthesia is the deepest form of dental sedation available, and it’s administered by a licensed professional. You’ll be fully unconscious under the effects of general anesthesia, so it’s usually reserved for significant procedures.


Experience Comfortable Care At Jovan Prosthodontics


Just think of what you have to look forward to after replacing missing teeth with dental implants: improved oral health, a more aesthetically pleasing smile, and a boost of self-confidence!

If you’re interested in dental implants, trust the pros. Call Jovan Prosthodontics today at (512) 937-1398 to schedule a consultation. You can also use our convenient online form.