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The entire specialized team at Jovan Prosthodontics holds the forefront at prioritizing your needs and comforts.  From our in-office amenities to our cheerful staff to our spare no expense in-house lab, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care available.  We enjoy what we do and want to take care of you and your smile! Call us at 512-716-1200 to schedule your consult with us.

 Dr. Ace on custom plan for each patient

Dr. Ace on the technology that sets his practice apart

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Some of the newer technology that we have in our office also involves, in a portion, that is not seen by the patient, and that includes the dental laboratory. I’m the only dentist in the world that’s also a master certified dental technician. What that means is that I’m certified in six different specialties in dental laboratory profession. I know what happened behind the scenes to fabricate that crown, or that veneer, or that bridge, or that denture. I’m able to employ some of that new technology in our own in-office laboratory. Only 2% to 3% of dentists have their own in-house laboratory and their own in-house laboratory technician. I have a laboratory technician that I’ve worked with for several years now that’s directly behind us, and I’m able to customize each plan for the patient. And a lot of the technology that we have comes from Europe, and some of the newer technology that is just on the market that allows us to give us a far superior product.
We are trained in using dental lasers, and the benefit of using lasers is that there is less bleeding, a quicker recovery time, the patients are able to typically go back to work immediately after the procedure, it’s not as invasive, and also cost-wise, you don’t have to have as much cost coming out of the patient’s pocket. Now-a-days, what we can also do is use digital technology in the form of scanning and virtual planning, and that way, we can do less by hand and more by computer. What that helps us do is that it allows us to make things more precise, more consistent, and also more life-like: more natural for the patient.

Our Cutting-Edge Dental Technology Doesn’t Cut Corners

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Ace has completed rigorous education and training beyond his dental degree to hone the expertise necessary for heading our in-office lab.
Dr. Ace and the entire team of professionals at Jovan Prosthodontics value your satisfaction so much that we have invested in the most innovative, technologically advanced equipment available. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll experience here:

  • Convenience: our state-of-the-art in-office lab allows us to perform all your prosthodontic treatment under one roof so you won’t have to wait for manufacturer delays
  • Precision: with advanced systems like digital scans and computer-guided implant surgery, your dental procedures will be exact to the finest detail

We are so devoted to harnessing technology to your advantage, we even offer an E-Smile Makeover and a Trial Smile services so you can Preview your smile makeover before you commit.

Warm Staff, Comforts of Home

At Jovan Prosthodontics, we believe in going even further than providing top-of-the-line dental care. Our welcoming staff will help you feel at ease and cozy from the moment you arrive. You might even think you’ve entered a spa with amenities like:

  • A beverage station in our waiting room
  • Neck pillows and soft blankets
  • Private operating rooms equipped with televisions for your viewing pleasure

Ready to experience expert skill in a relaxing, patient-centered atmosphere? Call 512-716-1200 or fill out our convenient online form today to book your first appointment at our Round Rock, TX dental office. We can’t wait to see your smile in person.


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